We are holding our annual workshop for tertiary students on 13-17 September 2019 at NUS Bukit Timah Campus. Registration is open now and limited on a first-come-first-served basis.  

"What is Mediation and Mediation Advocacy? 
What is Singapore Convention on Mediation? 
You mean there's a United Nations (UN) treaty named after Singapore?
As counsel, how do I prepare myself and my client for mediation?"

The 5-day workshop will provide knowledge on mediation, a useful alternative dispute resolution skill to know! It will incorporate practical exercises and activities to allow participants to develop, practice, and implement the skills taught on the course. 

Additionally, participants will be able to network and learn alongside 26 international students from China, Japan, the Philippines, and Turkmenistan, who are studying at Kobe University. We have planned time for questions and conversations as part of the workshop's curriculum. So come on down to learn about the basics of mediation advocacy. 

To register, click here or email us at admin@simi.org.sg.