Proudly presenting "Contemporary Issues In Mediation Volume 6"!

CIIM Volume 6

This is the sixth volume in the widely acclaimed series, "Contemporary Issues in Mediation", and was officially launched on 2 September 2021 via Zoom. 

CIIM Volume 6 is a collection of the best entries of the 6th Singapore International Mediation Institute Annual Mediation Essay Competition.

The essays in Contemporary Issues in Mediation (CIIM) Volume 6 reflect the turbulence of our times. In a world of flux, how does alternative dispute resolution remain relevant and interconnected with society today? With the recent ratification of the Singapore Convention on Mediation in 2020, there is no doubt that mediation is and will continue to be extremely pertinent in the world of dispute resolution. The COVID-19 situation and evolution of technology has also heralded a new era of cross-border and domestic online dispute resolution. Edited by Singapore's leading expert on mediation and negotiation, Professor Joel Lee, and former Chief Executive Officer of the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI), Marcus Lim, CIIM is a unique and valuable addition to the growing body of mediation and dispute resolution literature. Whether you are interested in issues related to cognitive science, religion, domestic violence, finance, artificial intelligence, or Singapore’s culture, there is definitely something in this book for the academic, seasoned mediator and passionate student.  








  1. The Need for Mediation Advocacy Standards in Singapore
    By Levin Lin

  2. Decoding the BS (Behavioural Science) in Mediation
    By Utsav Rakshit

  3. Banking on Mediation: A Critical Analysis of Financial Disputes Mediation in Singapore
    By Terence Yeo

  4. Why Not Have the Best of Both Worlds? A Framework to Interlink Collaborative Law and Mediation to Resolve Personal Disputes
    By Archa Rajeevi
  5. The Functions of Artificial Intelligence in Mediation
    By Chloe Chua Kay Ee
  6. Confidentiality in the Singapore Mediation Scene: Is It Sufficient or Can More Be Done?
    By Dinesh Kumar Sukumar
  7. Online Mediation: The Future that Arrived Much Sooner Than We Thought
    By Mah Hao Ran, Ian
  8. Exploring What Mediation Looks Like in the Religious Spheres of Islam and Christianity
    By Sabrina Chau Shu Ning
  9. Is Mediation an Appropriate Forum for Dispute Resolution in the Context of Domestic Violence?
    By Tomoyuki Lewis Ban
  10. Lessons from Transformative Mediation and How It Can Benefit Singapore's Mediation Landscape
    By Yap Shi Kai
  11. "Paiseh!" — Apologies, Restorative Justice and Criminal Mediation in Singapore
    By Benedict Koh Yen Hin





E-copies of the essays are also available through our publisher here.



"These essays are another demonstration of Singapore’s leadership in the development and use of mediation in the Asia-Pacific region, exemplified by the Singapore Convention on Mediation. They also highlight the worldwide need for comprehensive, compulsory training in the skills of negotiation, mediation and mediation advocacy, particularly in university 
law schools, as well as the potentially permanent transition from face-toface to online methods of conducting and participating in mediation brought about by the current pandemic and the technological advances that have taken place over the last four decades. The authors are to be congratulated for their insights and efforts, as are the editors for their 

Mr Alan L Limbury
Negotiator, Arbitrator and Accredited Mediator
Managing Director, Strategic Resolution Australia

"The eclectic collection of essays ranges from specific issues during the mediation process (e.g. confidentiality) to reflections on appropriate mediation styles, to larger issues such as whether mediation is the appropriate dispute resolution mechanism for certain types of disputes. Volume 6 will serve as a useful reference point on the importance of human presence and the necessity of humans as mediators in the future with essays that explore the introduction of technology in online mediation and artificial intelligence. Congratulations to the editors for a thoughtful collection of essays that allows the reader to reflect on the present and ponder the future."

Ms Low Lih Jeng
Senior Consultant, Sage Mediation
Former District Judge, State Courts of Singapore