Awardee for 2022

We are proud to share that the awardee for the inaugural National SMU-SIMI CDR Award 2022 is:

Learn more about the recipient from a short interview below:

“Keep pushing, continue growing, and don’t be afraid to dream big.” 


My roots in CDR began in 2019 when I first competed in the International Mediation Singapore Competition. That experience was monumental for me, shifting my original mindset toward dispute resolution and igniting my passion for CDR. That led me to join SMU Mediation and Negotiation Club (“SMNC”). Over the past 2 years, I have been honored to preside over competition matters, representing Singapore in the Weinstein International Foundation Mediation Writing Competition and the International Commercial Mediation Competition in Melbourne.  As part of SMNC, we set up the building blocks of success by organizing our inaugural internal SMU Mediation Advocacy Competition, identified talented individuals early, and equipped them with the right mindset and tools to succeed on the international stage. It is truly amazing to see how far we have come. Our efforts have culminated in SMU’s historic CDR competition season, attaining a string of podium finishes, and winning multiple championships for the first time. 


I feel incredibly blessed and proud to have contributed to this incredible journey and to be awarded the National SIMI-SMU CDR Award. For me, this serves as an encouragement for me to continue nurturing and motivating others in the art of mediation and negotiation. I will continue to keep the CDR flame burning bright, and transform mindsets, encouraging the future generation to work hard and “Never settle for anything less than your best.” 

Mr Slevin Chua, September 2022