SIMI Partner Programs


Download the application forms for SIMI Registered Training Program (SIMI RTP), SIMI Registered Service Provider (SIMI RSP) and SIMI Qualifying Assessment Program (SIMI QAP) below.

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SIMI RTP Application Formdocx6/30/2021258.58 KBDownload
SIMI RSP Application Formdocx6/30/2021256.57 KBDownload
SIMI QAP Application Formdocx6/30/2021479.81 KBDownload




SIMI Guidelines to Determination of Full Scale Mediations


SIMI guidelines to determination of full scale mediations is applicable to all SIMI Partner Programs and all tiers in SIMI Credentialing Scheme.
Download the guidelines below.

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SIMI Guidelines to Determination of Full Scale Mediationspdf4/16/2018693.36 KBDownload

SIMI Feedback Request Form


SIMI feedback request form may be used by SIMI Mediators in non-administered mediations. Ideally, SIMI Mediators should collect at least 2 forms per mediation (i.e. 1 from each party, or 4 if you are collecting 1 form from each party and their counsel). Download the form below.

You would need to complete the form with Adobe Reader, a free download is available here.


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Feedback Request Form (PDF) 7/9/2024308.28 KBDownload

SIMI Private Mediation Verification Scheme (PMV)

The SIMI Private Mediation Verification Scheme (PMV) is designed for existing SIMI Mediators who wish to submit their application to become SIMI Accredited Mediator Level 2 or 3 directly to SIMI. Download the application form below.

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SIMI PMV Application Formdocx8/3/2017154.55 KBDownload