Appointment change of Executive Director to Chief Executive Officer


Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) is proud to announce a change to the executive team. Following SIMI’s expansion and growth, Executive Director Marcus Lim will be transitioning to the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Marcus has been with SIMI since 2014 when it was incorporated. He started his career as a lawyer with Rajah & Tann LLP, and holds a double degree in Law and Business from the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Under Marcus’ leadership SIMI has grown tremendously in the last 5 years. As of August 2019, SIMI has 13 local Singapore and international partner organisations who are committed to providing quality training programs and/or mediation services. SIMI’s panel of Mediators now includes over 300 members worldwide who are committed to the same aim and vision. Recently, SIMI successfully hosted and ran the International Mediation Singapore (IMSG) 2019 competition, which acted as the opening event to Singapore Convention Week. This was a week organised specially to commemorate the signing of the UN treaty, the Singapore Convention on Mediation, which saw 46 signatories. As part of promoting awareness of mediation, SIMI has also published the book series Contemporary Issues in Mediation (CIIM). CIIM is a compilation of winning entries from SIMI’s annual essay competition and is currently in its fourth year of publication.

“This change allows us to continue the strong direction of growth that SIMI is on.” Joel Lee, Chairman of SIMI’s Board of Directors said.

SIMI is a non-profit organisation supported by the Ministry of Law and a subsidiary of NUS. SIMI is a standards body for mediation. The company aims to continue applying and enforcing world-class standards of mediation, whilst promoting the use and awareness of mediation. SIMI is housed at the NUS Faculty of Law.