Author Nadja Alexander on 'The Singapore Convention on Mediation: A Commentary'


Prof. Nadja Alexander

Professor of Law at Singapore Management University, Director at Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy, SIMI Certified Mediator, IMI Certified Mediator

About her 

Prof. Nadja Alexander is an international dispute resolution specialist who mediates and consults on cross-border mediation policy. She is recognized as a global thought leader in the field of mediation (Who’s Who Legal). Nadja is also a Professor of Law (Practice) and Director of the Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy (SIDRA) at the Singapore Management University School of Law. She holds honorary professorial appointments in Australia and the United States, and she is also a foundation member of the International Advisory Board of the United Nations Global Mediation Panel. Nadja is a International Mediation Institute (IMI) Certified Mediator, and a Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) Certified Mediator. She is also a director and board member of SIMI.

An award-winning author, educator, mediator and consultant, Nadja’s expertise has contributed significantly to the design and drafting of dispute resolution legislation in more than 10 jurisdictions including Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam.



The Singapore Convention on Mediation: A Commentary

by Prof. Nadja Alexander

Date: 3 June 2020

Time: 19:00 GMT+8:00 / 1:00PM CEST

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