The Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) is the premier independent professional standards body for the mediation industry in Singapore and the region. SIMI upholds professional standards through its accreditation schemes for mediators and mediation training and service providers, ongoing development and review of training and service benchmarks, maintaining a register of accredited mediators and mediation organisations, promotion of professional standards through thought-leadership events, and supporting publications on technical and professional practice issues in mediation. 

SIMI was incorporated on 15 July 2014 as a non-profit organisation, with support from both the Ministry of Law as well as the National University of Singapore. SIMI is headed by an international Board of Directors with representatives from both mediation practitioners as well as corporate users of mediation. Read more. 

News & Events

  • CIIM Research Essay Competition 2024
    • 12 APRIL 2024
    • The CIIM Research Essay Competition 2024 is open from now until 30 June 2024. SIMI invites entrants to submit a 2,700 - 3,300 word essay on any topic related to mediation. Winners stand a chance to receive cash prizes and have their essays published in CIIM Volume 10. For more information, click here
    • /CIIM/Competitions/CIIM-Research-Essay-Competition-2024
  • ​Cross-recognition by Alliance of Organisations for Mediation Standards
    • 20 MAR 2023
    • A scheme to recognise the credentials of mediators across borders has been formally launched by the Alliance of Organisations for Mediation Standards (AMS).
    • /What-We-Offer/Mediators/Cross-Recognition-by-Alliance-of-Organisations-for-Mediation-Standards-AMS
  • ​SIMI Competency Framework for Mediators
    • JULY 2023
    • The SIMI Competency Framework for Mediators was finalised in May 2023, after a final review by SIMI RTPs. It prescribes a list of 18 competencies required of a professional mediator.
    • /What-We-Offer/Mediators/The-SIMI-Competency-Framework-for-Mediators
  • ​SIMI Code of Professional Conduct (Updated)
    • 10 NOV 2023
    • As part of ongoing efforts to review mediation standards, an updated Code of Professional Conduct for SIMI Mediators was published in November 2023.
    • /What-We-Offer/Mediators/Code-of-Professional-Conduct
  • ​Launch of CIIM Volume 8
    • 24 OCT 2023
    • The 8th edition of Contemporary Issues In Mediation (CIIM), a collection of thought-leadership essays on mediation, was launched by Mdm Rahayu Mahzam, Senior Parliamentary Secretary at the Ministry of Healtha and Ministry of Law, on 23 October 2023.
    • /News/List-Of-News-Events/2023/Launch-of-the-8th-volume-of-SIMIs-thought-leadership-publication-Contemporary-Issues-in-Mediation

What SIMI Has To Offer

Holistic engagement of the mediation space

For Users Of Mediation

Not familiar with the mediation process? Find out more about mediation and how it can work for you.

Dispute Analysis Tool

A tool for parties and/or their counsel to use in evaluating the individual options for resolving conflicts.

Decision Tree

A framework for parties to use when considering a suitable mediator.

For Service Providers

Learn more about how your organisation can be a part of our growing network of SIMI Partners. 

SIMI Registered Training Program (SIMI RTP) 

If your course is successful in applying for SIMI RTP status, you will be able to offer course participants who pass the course assessment the opportunity to apply for SIMI Accredited Mediator Level 1.

SIMI Qualifying Assessment Program (SIMI QAP)  

SIMI QAPs are able to offer the full suite of SIMI Schemes and are the only SIMI Partner able to qualify SIMI Certified Mediators.

For Mediators

Join our family of SIMI Mediators today. Find out more about the SIMI Credentialing Scheme and how you can embark on your own fulfilling  journey towards becoming a SIMI Certified Mediator. 

SIMI Credentialing Scheme

The SIMI Credentialing Scheme comprises of 4 different tiers. The first three tiers are collectively referred to as SIMI Accredited Mediators with the highest tier being SIMI Certified Mediator.

SIMI Certified Mediator

SIMI Certified Mediators are given their own individual and separate profile page. SIMI Certified Mediator profiles are also accessible on the SIMI search engine to enable potential users to make informed decisions when appointing mediators.

For Reviewers

Whether you are a SIMI Mediator looking to appoint a Reviewer, or a Reviewer who has just been appointed, find out more about this important component of the SIMI Credentialing Process here. 

Appointing A Reviewer

As a SIMI Mediator, you will have a great degree of flexibility in appointing your desired Reviewer so long as you take into account these guidelines when appointing a Reviewer.

Feedback Digest

Reviewers are expected to provide an honest and objective summary of feedback about their Mediator’s performance based on discussions with the Mediator and the information on Feedback Forms received from Users who have worked with the Mediator.