About SIMI

The Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) is the premier independent professional standards body for mediation in Singapore and the region. SIMI was incorporated on 15 July 2014 as a non profit organisation, with support from both the Ministry of Law as well as the National University of Singapore. SIMI is headed by an international Board of Directors with representatives from both mediation practitioners as well as corporate users of mediation. SIMI works closely with the International Mediation Institute (IMI), a non-profit public interest initiative to drive transparency and high competency standards into mediation practice across all fields, worldwide.

News & Events

Cessation of Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution Course as a SIMI RTP 21 JUL 2021 With effect from 1 January 2021, the Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution course (the “Course”) as conducted by Regent’s University London (RUL) will no longer be a SIMI Registered Training Program (SIMI RTP). We wish RUL all the best in their future endeavors. For more information, click here.
Appointment of New Executive Director 5 JUL 2021 With effect from 5 July, we welcome our new Executive Director, Mr. Alvin Sim. Alvin is seconded from the Ministry of Law and he hopes to contribute to the development of mediation as an important and viable tool in Singapore's dispute resolution scene. For more information, click here.
Departure of Founding CEO 30 APR 2021 Mr. Marcus Lim, founding Executive Director and CEO of SIMI, has left the organization. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors!

National SMU-SIMI CDR Award - Awardees 2020 28 DEC 2020 Congratulations to 2020's awardees - Levin Lin and Foo Chuan He for their contributions to the Collaborative Dispute Resolution scene in Singapore. For more information, click here.
International Mediation Singapore 2020 Report and Results 15 NOV 2020 From 24th October to 12th November 2020, 425 attendees from 30 different nationalities, mediated, ‘meme’-ed and networked over weeks of activities that formed this year’s edition of the International Mediation Singapore (IMSG). Read more of the report here.
To view the results, click here.
SIMI Presents First Ever Professional Indemnity Insurance for Mediators 1 AUG 2020 All SIMI Accredited and Certified Mediators are now covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance, the first of its kind in the world.

In Memoriam: Frank E.A. Sander 9 APR 2018 "Remembering Alternative Dispute Resolution Pioneer: Frank E.A. Sander (1927-2018)" is a tribute from Assistant Professor Dorcas Quek Anderson to her late mentor, Prof. Frank E.A. Sander, a pioneer and leader of the alternative dispute resolution movement we have all come to cherish and work for. Read more here
FEATURE: 2018 Women in Mediation 30 MAR 2018 SIMI is proud to present a special feature of interviews with 11 Practitioners, Advocates & Supporters in Singapore. From young professionals to ground-breakers, we trust our readers will find great insights from their sharing and experiences, just a snapshot of Singapore’s vibrant mediation community. Read more here
Mediation Act 2017 1 NOV 2017 The Mediation Act and its subsidiary legislation, the Mediation Rules, has come into operation on Nov 1, 2017. Find out more here.

SIMI CIIM Essay Competition 2019 16 JAN 2019 The SIMI annual mediation essay competition 2019 is now open! Entry is free for all students from tertiary institutions in Singapore or overseas! Get a chance to publish your work in Contemporary Issues in Mediation Volume 5! Help to share and spread this news to all your friends. Find out more here!
RESULTS: SIMI CIIM Essay Competition 2018 16 JAN 2019 Congratulations to all the top winners of SIMI Annual Essay Competition 2018! Click here to find out who are the winners.
CIIM Vol. 3 18 SEP 2018 The third volume in the widely acclaimed series, "Contemporary Issues in Mediation" was officially launched on 18 September 2018. The essays in this volume fall neatly into three categories: Mediation Landscape; Mediation, and Social Justice and Mediation skills. Read more here

Book Reviews

Contemporary Issues in Mediation Volume 4 10 JAN 2020 The signing of the Singapore Convention on 7 August 2019 heralds a new milestone in mediation. This book examines the draft Convention of International Settlement Agreements resulting from mediation and provides some answers to guide the drafting of enforceable mediation clauses. Practitioners would be especially interested in the new section 'Mediation Obligations and Ethics', featuring discussions on mediator's neutrality and confidentiality, as well as a mediation advocate's ethical duty of honesty. Head on over to the "Resources" section to download a PDF copy of the book review.
Singapore Academy of Law Journal Special Issue 2019: International Commercial Mediation 10 JAN 2020 The SAcLJ publishes special issues focusing on specific areas of law. The authors of these issues hail from diverse backgrounds, with articles from renowned foreign experts as well as leading local minds in the respective areas of law. Head on over to the "Resources" section to download a PDF copy of the book review.
Singapore Mediation Handbook 10 JAN 2020 Singapore Mediation Handbook brings together the principles, process and practice of mediation in a single user-friendly volume. Written in an accessible style with anecdotes introducing the themes of each chapter, the book situates mediation in the context of a range of appropriate dispute resolution mechanisms and explores mediation in terms of its values and objectives. Head on over to the “Resources" section to download a PDF copy of the book review.

The Negotiator’s Desk Reference 6 JAN 2020 Featuring 100 contributors, The Negotiator's Desk Reference is the most comprehensive book on negotiation available. It pulls together the relevant ideas on negotiation from business, economics, law, psychology, cultural studies and more to show how successful negotiation really works, and how you can make it work for you. Head on over to the "Resources" section to download a PDF copy of the book review.
Contemporary Issues In Mediation Volume 3 6 JAN 2020 CIIM Volume 3 is a collection of the best entries of the 3rd Singapore International Mediation Institute Annual Mediation Essay Competition. The 12 essays cover a diverse range of topics with features on a micro-perspective of the mediation process and the skills deployed by mediators. Head on over to the "Resources" section to download a PDF copy of the book review.
A Theory of Mediators’ Ethics: Foundation, Rationale and Application 6 JAN 2020 Omer Shapira proposes and justifies a theory of mediators' ethics which guides mediators' conduct and applies to mediators at large. Head on over to the “Resources" section to download a PDF copy of the book review.

Mediation in Singapore: A Practical Guide (2nd Edition) 4 DEC 2017 The second edition is an update on the seminal guide to "Mediation in Singapore". Head on over to the "Resources" section to download a PDF copy of the review.
Negotiation: Things Corporate Counsel Need To Know But Were Not Taught 4 DEC 2017 Authored by Mr. Michael Leathes, this book is a must-read text on negotiation and its relevance to the success of the modern-day in-house counsel. Head on over to the "Resources" section to download a PDF copy of the review.
CIIM Vol. 2 4 DEC 2017 Contemporary Issues in Mediation Volume 2 was launched on 8 November 2017 at the NUS Faculty of Law. It features 3 essays on Family Mediation. Click here to find out more. The book review of CIIM Vol 2, is also available, head on over to the "Resources" section to download a PDF copy of the review.

What SIMI Has To Offer

Holistic engagement of the mediation space

For Users Of Mediation

Not familiar with the mediation process? Find out more about mediation and how it can work for you.

Dispute Analysis Tool

A tool for parties and/or their counsel to use in evaluating the individual options for resolving conflicts.

Decision Tree

A framework for parties to use when considering a suitable mediator.

For Service Providers

Learn more about how your organisation can be a part of our growing network of SIMI Partners. 

SIMI Registered Training Program (SIMI RTP) 

If your course is successful in applying for SIMI RTP status, you will be able to offer course participants who pass the course assessment the opportunity to apply for SIMI Accredited Mediator Level 1.

SIMI Qualifying Assessment Program (SIMI QAP)  

SIMI QAPs are able to offer the full suite of SIMI Schemes and are the only SIMI Partner able to qualify SIMI Certified Mediators.

For Mediators

Join our family of SIMI Mediators today. Find out more about the SIMI Credentialing Scheme and how you can embark on your own fulfilling  journey towards becoming a SIMI Certified Mediator. 

SIMI Credentialing Scheme

The SIMI Credentialing Scheme comprises of 4 different tiers. The first three tiers are collectively referred to as SIMI Accredited Mediators with the highest tier being SIMI Certified Mediator.

SIMI Certified Mediator

SIMI Certified Mediators are given their own individual and separate profile page. SIMI Certified Mediator profiles are also accessible on the SIMI search engine to enable potential users to make informed decisions when appointing mediators.

For Reviewers

Whether you are a SIMI Mediator looking to appoint a Reviewer, or a Reviewer who has just been appointed, find out more about this important component of the SIMI Credentialing Process here. 

Appointing A Reviewer

As a SIMI Mediator, you will have a great degree of flexibility in appointing your desired Reviewer so long as you take into account these guidelines when appointing a Reviewer.

Feedback Digest

Reviewers are expected to provide an honest and objective summary of feedback about their Mediator’s performance based on discussions with the Mediator and the information on Feedback Forms received from Users who have worked with the Mediator.