Proudly presenting "Contemporary Issues In Mediation Volume 7"!

CIIM Volume 7

This is the seventh volume in the widely acclaimed series, "Contemporary Issues in Mediation", and was officially launched on 28 October 2022 at the NUS Faculty of Law. 

CIIM Volume 7 is a collection of the best entries of the 7th Singapore International Mediation Institute Annual Mediation Essay Competition.

Volume 7 features a diverse range of topics selected for their high quality of research and novelty. These essays touch on the technicalities of mediation in various types of issues such as victim-offender disputes in the community and inter-state armed disputes. Equally important, we have several essays dedicated to the professional practice of mediation; topics like what is good faith in mediation, understanding the psyche of mediating parties, and the unique skillsets mediators need. These point to how mediators and mediation advocates should equip themselves as high standards professionals which facilitate the effective resolution of disputes.   









  1. Obligation of Good Faith in Mediation: Takeaways from Australia’s Experience with National Native Title Mediation
    By Samuel Teo

  2. A Mediator’s Guide to Prospect Theory and Loss Aversion
    By Victoria Ang Ser Ning

  3. Empathy in Mediation: Walking a Mile in the Parties’ Shoes
    By Chua Ying Ying Erin

  4. Three Shifts in Skill Sets: A Litigation Lawyer in Mediation Representation
    By Faye Ng
  5. Healthcare Mediation: Bridging the Gap
    By Jill Phua
  6. Mandatory Mediation for Community Disputes: A Critical Analysis
    By Lau Ai Xuan
  7. The Intricacies of Heroes and Villains: Using Narratives as Reframing Tools
    By Nicholas Lim
  8. Building a Bridge Over Troubled Water: How Facilitating “Closure” can strengthen the effectiveness of Victim-Offender Mediation
    By Marissa Daisy Decruz
  9. Online Mediation in the Time of COVID-19
    By Nadine Quah
  10. Mediating with States: Navigating the Mediation Landscape in Armed Conflicts
    By Angela Zhang





E-copies of the essays are also available through our publisher here.



"Yet again, the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) leads the way by encouraging wide ranging discussions on the development of mediation. To highlight a few important subject matters deftly dealt with by these students, Volume 7 of CIIM discusses topics such as state mediation, the role of empathy and framing in mediation, and highlights the importance of mediation skills for advocates. Supporting the widest use of mediation worldwide will no doubt reap benefits. As one contributor suggested, the collaborative style required in a mediation leads to all parties and their advisers seeing a dispute more as a shared problem. This surely is the future of dispute resolution and SIMI. As such, these authors should be applauded for their contributions towards the road of better dispute management."

Ms Jane Player
International Mediator with Independent Mediators in London
SIMI Certified Mediator

"As a regular contributor to Kluwer Mediation Blog, I have been drawing inspiration from the rich content of the essays contained in the past 6 volumes of CIIM. Wowed again by the ten very creative and high-quality essays which (1) provide more in-depth discussions on popular mediation topics (e.g. empathy and good faith); and (2) relate mediation to several unnoticed dimensions (such as armed conflicts and prospect theory), I would like to express my appreciation not only to the authors but also to the Singapore International Mediation Institute CIIM team behind this project. The diverse topics touched on by the essays in Volume 7 of CIIM demonstrate that mediation is and will continue to be fertile soil for researchers, academics and practitioners. Honoured to have had the privilege of reading the essays before publication, I will certainly encourage young mediators and mediation students in different jurisdictions to enjoy the essays and support the CIIM project."

Mr Ting-kwok Iu 
Mediator, Solicitor, Adjunct Professor

Founder, Asia Conflict Resolution Institute; Co-author, The Hong Kong Mediation Manual (3rd Edition) (2022)
SIMI Certified Mediator