Feedback Digest


The Feedback Digest is a summary of feedback that a SIMI-accredited Certified Mediator has received from parties to the mediations that he or she has conducted.  It serves to enhance a Certified Mediator’s professional profile by providing an independent review of the mediator’s skills and competence. 

How the Feedback Digest will benefit a Certified Mediator

The Feedback Digest is an important component of a Certified Mediator’s profile as potential clients will find it a useful reference to gain more information about that mediator’s area of expertise, experience and capabilities before appointing a mediator. The Feedback Digest is thus an important tool that can help a Certified Mediator to promote his or her services. A Certified Mediator's Feedback Digest is found in that mediator’s profile page in the SIMI Register.

How to obtain a Feedback Digest

The Feedback Digest has to be written by an independent reviewer ("Reviewer") appointed by the Certified Mediator. For guidelines on how to appoint a Reviewer, click here.

To provide effective feedback, the Feedback Digest should be comprehensive and current. It should be based on at least 10 mediations conducted by the Certified Mediator and cover the past two years from the date of the Feedback Digest.

The essential components of a Feedback Digest are:

  • It should be based on feedback received from at least 10 mediations.
  • It should cover the period not more than two years before the date of the review. The date of the review should be included in the Feedback Digest. 
  • It should state the areas of the disputes eg family, community, retail, insurance, real estate, banking etc.
  • It should highlight any negative feedback received and this should be addressed by the Reviewer, who should examine comments or explanations by the mediator. If there has been no negative feedback, the Reviewer should state this in the Feedback Digest. 
  • It should be an analysis of the feedback that the mediator has received, and not merely a collation of or quotes from the feedback.
  • It should carry the name, designation, organisation, contact details and a short biography of the Reviewer.

When to prepare a Feedback Digest?

  • SIMI-accredited mediators who would like to be upgraded to the level of Certified Mediators must ensure that they have prepared a Feedback Digest as well as fulfil the requisite experience and assessment requirements to qualify to be a Certified Mediator. For more information, please click here.
  • Certified Mediators are required to update their Feedback Digest every two years. For more information on the renewal requirements for Certified Mediators, please click here.
  • A Feedback Digest is also required if a Certified Mediator is applying for cross-recognition with the International Mediation Institute (IMI). Please contact us at if you would like to make such an application. 


  • Mediators may use the SIMI Feedback Form to collect feedback from the parties to their mediations. For the SIMI Feedback Form, please click here.
  • For more information on the role and responsibilities of a Reviewer, please click here

If you have any queries on how to prepare a Feedback Digest, please contact us at