Proudly presenting "Contemporary Issues In Mediation Volume 4"!

CIIM Volume 4

This is the fourth volume in the widely acclaimed series, "Contemporary Issues in Mediation", and was officially launched on 5 August 2019 at Intercontinental Singapore, Bugis. 

CIIM Volume 4 is a collection of the best entries of the 4th Singapore International Mediation Institute Annual Mediation Essay Competition.

The contributors for this volume included a submission from a JD student from the Singapore Management University and a PhD student from the University of Ghent, Belgium. This signifies a growing interest in mediation across different student profiles and a sign of the increasing reach of the book series on mediation students both locally and internally. The essays in this volume fall neatly into three categories: getting to and beyond mediation; mediation obligations and ethics; and mediation skills. The section on Getting to and Beyond Mediation contains the winning entry by Charmaine Yap. The essay explored how the use of nudges and choice architecture can increase uptake of mediation vis-à-vis other dispute resolution methods. 

Two entries paid tribute to the Singapore Convention on Mediation. Maryam Salehijam provided some guidance on how to draft enforceable mediation clauses while Chia Chen Wei analysed the draft Convention on international settlement agreements resulting from mediation and its potential impact on both international and local mediation practice. 

The first runner up entry by Kuek Kai Liang can be found in the Mediation Obligations and Ethics section. Kai Liang called for a paradigm shift in mediator neutrality towards more nuanced and contextual approach to mediation ethics in Singapore. This juxtaposed his co-contributor, Ivan Ng’s, review of mediator neutrality and how it interacts with self-determination or justice. 

The final section has a unique selection of essays relating to Mediation skills. Ho Ting En introduced the idea of negotiating with children to become better mediators, while Therese Ang explored how crisis negotiation skills can help mediators to better deal with emotion or difficult parties. Other essays also included gender roles shaping the power balance in family-related mediation (Lee Kwang Chian), and how different expressions of anger help mediators decide when and whether to elicit emotions during a mediation.






Part 1: Getting to and Beyond Mediation


  1. What’s in a Nudge? How Choice Architecture Surrounding Dispure Resolution Options Can Increase Uptake of Mediation
    By Charmaine Yap Yun Ning

  2. Mediation, Legal Education, and the Adversarial Culture in Singapore
    By Lim Wei Yang

  3. A Comparative Guide to Drafting Enforceable Mediation Clauses
    By Maryam Salehijam

  4. Enforcing Mediation Settlement Agreements: An Examination of the Draft Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation
    By Chia Chen Wei

Part 2: Mediation Obligations and Ethics


  1. Mediator Neutrality in Singapore: The Siren Call for a Paradigm Shift
    By Kuek Kai Liang

  2. The Case for Confidentiality: Singapore’s Mediation Act
    By Nadene Law Qin Ning

  3. A Review of Mediator Neutrality
    By Ivan Ng Yi Fan

  4. The Ethical Boundaries of Honesty in Mediation
    By Lew Zi Qi

Part 3: Mediation Skills


  1. Negotiating with Children and How That Teaches Us to Be Better Mediators
    By Ho Ting En

  2. Learning From Crises: How Crisis Negotiation Skills Can Help Mediators Deal with Parties in Mediation
    By Ang Wen Qi Therese

  3. Equal but Different? Exploring How Gender Roles Shape the Power Balance in Family-Related Mediation
    By Lee Kwang Chian

  4. Are All Expressions of Anger Equal or Are Some More Equal Than Others?
    By Wesley Aw Ming Xuan



E-copies of the essays are also available through our publisher here.



"The topics covered in this volume show an acute sensitivity to current developments in mediation. Commercial mediation is primed for growth in Asia and it is heartening to read rigorous and balanced analysis on the impact of the UNCITRAL Convention on Mediation, and the role of universities in shaping mediation practice. There is much inspiration for passionate mediators in this volume and I found each and every article well-worth a second reading.”

Mr Aloysius Goh
Founder and CEO Sage Mediation
SIMI Certified Mediator

"As a mediation practitioner and mediation teacher, I am fascinated by the diversity of the topics covered by the essays. These essays have provided the readers with new dimensions in mediation practice as well as legal/mediation education. In addition to sending my congratulations to each of the essay competition winners, I also express my admiration and respect to the editors. All of you have not only put up great efforts to the development of mediation in Singapore, you have also injected invigorating ideas to the world mediation arena. I have gained a lot of insights from the essays. Well done!"

Mr Ting-kwok Iu
Adjunct Professor, School of Law, City University of Hong Kong
Founder, Asia Conflict Resolution Institute Limited