About Contemporary Issues in Mediation (CIIM)

What is CIIM?


CIIM (pronounced as "CHIM") is a publication of top entries of the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) Annual Mediation Essay Competition.

The competition is usually held in the first half of each year.

SIMI has published Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3Volume 4Volume 5, Volume 6Volume 7 and Volume 8.


The Origin


The idea of publishing CIIM, a compilation of students' work, was sparked off during conversations between the editors of CIIM. They thought deeply about why students in mediation are facing difficulties in publishing their work. Why are students' work not recognised? As they exchanged their thoughts and experiences, they wondered if the "bias" against a student piece was the key reason?

"CIIM is premised on a vision that wisdom is not necessarily a function of age or experience and pieces that can meaningfully contribute to the development of the field can come from students. CIIM seeks to provide students the opportunity to showcase their work. "

Joel Lee, SIMI's chairman, believes that students, regardless of age or experience could contribute to the development of mediation. By opening up a platform where students' work could be showcased, SIMI hopes to generate awareness and interest in the study and research of mediation among tertiary students.

Where can I buy CIIM?


CIIM can be purchased from Kinokuniya, Amazon, World Scientific Publishing, and NUS Co-op bookstore.

SIMI envisions a future where mediation is introduced to people in all nations, our future generation and leaders. By helping to spread the word, each and everyone of us can help to grow interest in mediation academia and research.

Did you know?


CIIM is pronounced as "CHIM", which roughly translates to meaning "complicated or complex" in the Singapore vernacular, Singlish. Singaporeans use “chim” to refer to topics or matters that require a high degree of reflection and analysis, and is coincidentally an apt description of the level of research and writing found in CIIM!



Credits For CIIM


SIMI is indebted to the work and efforts contributed by various members towards making the production of CIIM and the annual mediation competition an annual success. This includes the assistance provided by our publishers, the World Scientific Publishing Company as well as the support from SIMI’s board of directors, the CIIM editorial team, SIMI’s partners and mediators, the SIMI operations team, and the National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law.