Deniz Kite Güner - Turkey and the Singapore Convention


Deniz Kite Güner

Founder and General Director at GMN Institute

About her

Deniz Kite Güner is the General Director of GMN Institute and the founder of Negotiation Society, UK. She is the first professional mediator in Turkey and the first Turkish speaking IMI certified mediator. Deniz very quickly became a trendsetter in the mediation industry and expanded her portfolio to become the first Turkish Mustehar of Egypt and a listed international mediator of Milan & Florence Chamber of Commerce. She is a member of Consultant’s Panel at Mediators Beyond Border International (MBBI) and she is also the founder of MBBI Turkey. Deniz is listed as a expert negotiator at Negotiation & Public Service, a QAP Appraisal Committee Member of IMI, and a mentor at Workinton Incubation Center.


Deniz has delivered numerous trainings to national and international organizations and continues to work closely with different rotary clubs and NGOs in Turkey promote mediation and negotiation. Deniz has also written two books on mediation (her last book - “A Successful Mediators Hand Book” was published in February 2020 by GMN Institute). She continues to write articles for journals, blogs and e-magazines. She is also a listed writer and empaneled at Anka Enstitusu.

With a firm belief that negotiation culture is one of the most effective tools against polarization today, Deniz has been actively promoting negotiation and mediation in Turkey for more than 17 years.



Turkey and the Singapore Convention

by Ms. Deniz Kite Güner

Date: 27 May 2020

Time: 19:00 GMT+8:00 / 1:00PM CEST

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