Find an appropriate Mediation Provider

First, identify exactly which services the parties need from a Mediation Provider.  This will help compare various provider bodies to determine what services each offers, what combined services they may allow for (e.g., mediation and arbitration), and whether they coincide with the parties’ needs.  Feel free to discuss these needs, and the respective costs involved, with Providers – they will help you make the necessary decisions.

If you have already identified one or more potentially suitable mediators, and if they are on a Provider’s panel, consider using that provider to administer your mediation.

IMI is impartial, and does not recommend any providers.  Many are not exactly comparable because of variations in the services they provide, their geographic reach and the distinctive needs of different cases.  Links to a number of Mediation Providers are given on the IMI web portal as an informational aid to users.  Providers and other panels having members who are IMI Certified may be linked on the IMI web portal, as may certain international institutions and professional organizations.