What is the International Mediation Singapore (IMSG) competition?

Affectionately known to the inaugural organising committee as ‘IMSG’, the International Mediation Singapore competition is a competition opened to ALL tertiary students with an interest in mediation.

Driven by the “IMSG Ranking System”, teams can expect an immersive experience that truly challenges their skills from start to finish – with no eliminations, dynamic live power pairings and a top tier finish guaranteed for every team.

IMSG provides a unique opportunity for students from around to world to develop their skills and network in both competitive and social settings.

Who can participate and how do I join?

All registered tertiary students can register a team (3-4 student participants) to participate in the competition. (Note: In the event that there are more sign-ups than there are spaces available for the competition, teams with one or more members who have participated in an international collaborative dispute resolution competition will receive registration priority.)

For more information on the Eligibility Criteria, please go to the Registration Page.

How much are the competition fees for IMSG 2020?

Competition fees are SGD500 / USD400 per group.

Early bird rates are SGD300 / USD250 per group, register by 23 August 2020 to benefit from this rate.

IMSG 2019’s fees were waived, why do I have to pay fees for IMSG 2020?

We seek participant's understanding that competition fees are collected so as to defray the costs of running a competition and bringing you another memorable experience.

The following section sets out what participants will receive in their competition goody-bag. (You read that right, the IMSG team is working very hard to bring a goody-bag to you despite taking the competition online.)

What will I get for paying competition fees?

In addition, each competing participant in IMSG 2020 will receive a competition pack consisting of the following:

  • Copy of competition e-booklet
  • Contemporary Issues in Mediation Volume 5 E-book
  • Booklet of vouchers
  • IMSG pop-up medal
  • IMSG Certificate of Participation

A percentage of the fees collected will also be donated to a charity of your choice at the end of the competition. Further information will be released in due course.

The IMSG team is also working hard to bring you other exclusive benefits, stay tuned!

How many team members can I have in my team?

Each team must register a minimum of 3 competing participants, and a maximum of 4 competing participants.

Each team may register up to 2 coaches, but this is not necessary.

What if I do not have a team or if my team have less than 3 competing participants?

Teams with less than 3 competition participants, may not compete in the competition.

I have pre-registered, what will happen now?

Please wait to receive a confirmation email from imsg@simi.org.sg.

I have received a confirmation email from the IMSG team, what happens now?

Please make payment for your competition fees within 5 working days of receiving the confirmation email. It will contain an invoice. Once you have made payment, please provide proof of payment to the IMSG Secretariat at imsg@simi.org.sg.

A receipt will be issued to you once the payment has been verified

How can I make payment for my competition fees?

We accept payment via PayPal, bank transfer, and cheque.

Please write to the IMSG Secretariat at imsg@simi.org.sg for further information.

Where can I access a copy of the competition rules?

Rules for IMSG 2020 have not been released yet.

If you would like to refer to IMSG 2019 rules, a copy is available here. Do note that as IMSG 2020 will be taking place online, the rules will be difference from IMSG 2019.


When will the case problems be released?

Problems have not been released yet. Stay tuned for more information.

One of my team mates is unable to compete in the competition now, what should I do?

It depends:

  1. If your team consists of 4 team mates, and you still have 3 team mates that can compete – please write in to the IMSG Secretariat with the name of the individual who will not be competing.
  2. If you team consists of 3 team mates – Find a replacement team mate not and write in to the IMSG Secretariat as soon as possible. (Note: Your team will automatically be disqualified if you compete collectively only with 1 or 2 team mates.)

How many winners are there in the Mediation Advocates category?

Depending on how many competing groups there are, the breakdown of Gold, Silver and Bronze awardees are as below:

  • Top 20% Gold;
  • Next 20% Silver; and
  • Last 60% Bronze.

Note: Awards awarded in this category is dependent on the group’s performance and ranking overall. Each participant will be receiving a medal from this category. (For example, if your group of 4 competing participants obtained a Gold rank, all 4 participants will get a Gold medal.)

How many winners are there in the Mediators category?

Depending on how many competing groups there are, the breakdown of Gold, Silver and Bronze awardees are as below:

  • Top 20% Gold;
  • Next 20% Silver; and
  • Last 60% Bronze.

Note: Awards awarded in this category will go to only the Mediator.