SIMI Annual Essay Competition 2018



Results for the SIMI Annual Essay Competition 2018 has been released here


SIMI Annual Essay Competition 2019

Titled "Contemporary Issues In Mediation (CIIM)", the competition seeks to encourage greater awareness and interest in the study and research of mediation among tertiary students. The Competition is open to all students enrolled in a tertiary institute during the Competition period, whether located in Singapore or otherwise.

This is an annual competition and is typically held during the first half of each year. There are no entry fees to participate.

This is the 5th year that the CIIM essay competition has been held. Winners of the first 3 CIIM essay competition have had their works published in "CIIM Vol 1", "CIIM Vol 2" and "CIIM Vol 3". 

Opening Date 

14 January 2019

Closing Date 

31 May 2019

Essay Format

Entries should be written in Microsoft Word format and adhere to the following:

  • Total length should be between 2700 - 3300 words, not including citations and references.
  • Font type Arial, size 12, double-spaced, normal margin.
  • All essays should be written in English. 
  • All citations and references to be put in footnotes.
  • The essay should use the citation guide adopted by the Singapore Academy of Law. The guide can be found here.
  • The document should be named as “[Participant’s Name]_CIIM Essay 2019”

Submitting Entries

Entries should be submitted via e-mail to CIIM@, with the subject “SIMI CIIM ESSAY SUBMISSION 2019”. The body of the email should contain the following information: 

  • Full name (as in NRIC or Passport) of the participant
  • Educational Institution & Country of Residence
  • Course of Study
  • Title of Essay
  • Word Count (excluding references and titles)

Participation is FREE. 


The top two essays will receive book vouchers each.

Winners will have their essays compiled and published by SIMI into a book in the CIIM series, the "Contemporary Issues In Mediation Vol 5".

Download the competition rules below. Terms & conditions apply.

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