Prof. Chuan Guan (John) LEE

Prof. Chuan Guan (John) LEE

Qualified By
Community Mediation Centre (CMC)
Experience Qualification Path
Mediator Level 4
Mediation Location(s)
  • China
  • Singapore
Mediation Language(s)
  • Cantonese
  • English
  • Hokkien
  • Mandarin (Putonghua)
Intercultural Experience

John travelled extensively in ASEAN and APEC countries.
He has studied in the United Kingdom, France and China.
In his working career, he has been stationed in Thailand, Hong Kong and China.  Culturally an Asian, John is mindful of the nuances in Asian cultures and well exposed to Western cultures.

Current Position and Background

John serves as a mediator with CMC in disputes between neighbours, friendly loan, landlords and tenants, magistrate referral cases in harassments, minor assaults and damage to properties. In his capacity as CASE mediator, he has handled disputes in home renovations, car purchases, real estate agency and prepayment service packages. Whilst with WIPO Neutralis, John has mediated disputes in intellectual property rights and distributorship agreement.

Currently, John is an adjunct professor with the Renmin University of China. He is also a visiting professor with Brawijaya University in Indonesia, with special interest in sustainability and boardroom matters. He is the board chairman of a Singapore charity organization (with IPC status). John also advise commercial companies on areas of strategy and sustainability including those which are SGX-listco.

At his last full-time employment position, he was the CEO of a Chinese State-owned enterprise, also a joint-venture investment of a Singapore Temasek Holding.

Mediation Practice Area(s)
  • Commercial, general
  • Community
  • Environmental
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Commercial
  • Real Estate/Property
Main Mediation Practice Area Description

Intellectual property, commercial, distributorship, loan, renovations, real estate transaction, Magistrates’ referral cases involving harassment, assault, damages to property and community cases involving neighbours.

Mediation Experience
As a mediator since 2013, John has mediated cases in commercial, IP, Magistrates’ referral and community related matters. Beside, Singapore, John has good exposure to China.
Mediation Style(s)
  • Evaluative
  • Facilitative
Mediation Style Description

Facilitative is the mainstay but could evolve into evaluative or transformative depending on the parties’ requests or on a case-by-case basis. Where possible it is to value-added and not just dispute resolution.

Code of Professional Conduct

WIPO or CMC or CASE or SIMI, depending on the origination of the mediation session.




Complaint Process

Through WIPO or CMC or CASE or SIMI, depending on the origination of the mediation session.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

I am covered either by contractual or statutory immunity and therefore do not have professional indemnity insurance for my mediation practice.

Feedback Digest
Reviewer: Mr. Lee Kok Eng ( ) Latest Update 19 August 2019
This feedback of Dr John Lee is for his 7 nos. Community Mediation Centre (CMC) and 4 nos. Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) feedbacks from parties 3 years preceding August 2019 mediations. This Feedback Digest is based on 11 parties' feedbacks received from his CMC and CASE mediations. CMC and CASE mediation session is normally in the range from  2 to 4 hours which I understand that those are considered full-scale mediation. The majority of the parties he mediated were satisfied with his conduct of the mediation process. The majority of the parties he mediated were very satisfied with his performance in the mediation. The majority of the parties he mediated were very likely uses him as mediator again. The majority of the parties he mediated were very likely to recommend him as mediator to others. John mediations received feedbacks from parties that he is able to build good rapport with the parties and could control the proceeding. John had helped parties to explore and develop options. The  feedbacks from parties did not indicate any specific negative feedback on John. The feedbacks exhibited that John has the required process management capabilities, people skills and problem solving capabilities. I believe John has the qualities of a good mediator arms with his temperament as an active listener, problem solver, principled mediator couple with his understanding of the disputing parties issues for mediation.
Professional Affiliation

A certified mediator of Singapore International Mediation Institute, a neutralis (mediator) with World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), mediator with Community Mediation Centre (CMC), mediator with Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE), member of the Institute of International Mediator (Singapore), member of Singapore Institute of Directors (SID) and member of the Institute of Certified Sustainability Practitioners. (ICSP)

Fee Rate
WIPO has a fee structure for the different type of IP cases.

For non-WIPO cases, please contact me personally for a quotation. 
Mediation Education and Training


Online Couse on Arbitration and Mediation Procedure under the WIPO Rules (DL-347)\
April to June 2019

Passed open-book examination on 21st June 2019

CMC (Singapore Ministry of Law)

Coping with Aggressive and Difficult Parties

20 April 2019

IP Academy (Business Development Academy, USA)

Certified Patent Valuation Analyst programme

1-2 March 2018

Passed open-book examination on 7 May 2018

International Institute of Mediators (Singapore)

Inaugural Conference on Resolution of Neighbours disputes

29-30 September 2018



In-House Counsel Seminar

Alternative Dispute Resolution for IP and Technology Disputes Recent Developments

8 February 2017


State Courts of Singapore

Resolving Community Disputes Seminar

23 September 2016


CMC (Singapore Ministry of Law)

Advance Mediation Workshop

15-16 January 2016



Mediation and Arbitration Workshop

12-13 November 2015

Palo Alto, USA

Mediation Teaching and Mentoring
As a judge in the Peacemaker Conference 2017.

As a judge in the upcoming IMSG Competition 2019, August 2019.
Mediation Publications
Work in progress.