SIMI - IMI Cross-Recognition Scheme for Certified Mediators

In an arrangement with its partner, the International Mediation Institute (IMI), SIMI has an arrangement where SIMI Certified Mediators, the highest tier of the SIMI Credentialing Scheme, will be able to also apply directly to become IMI Certified Mediators without having to submit additional cases. This is in part, due to the similar levels of experience requirement built into both certification schemes. It is just one example of the work that SIMI carries out on behalf of its mediators to bring them greater recognition and benefits.  

SIMI Certified Mediators will need to submit a Feedback Digest which is updated within one year of the date of application. The application has to be made through a SIMI or IMI Qualifying Assessment Program.  

For more information on how to apply for cross-recognition with IMI, kindly contact