SIMI Code of Professional Conduct


The SIMI Code of Professional Conduct (the "Code") provides guidance and markers for all SIMI Accredited Mediators (“SIMI Mediators”) on the professional conduct expected when they undertake a mediation. It also informs users of mediation services what they should expect from SIMI Mediators in terms of their professional conduct.

Subject to the mediation agreement between the SIMI Mediator and disputing parties, the Code serves as a default code of conduct for that SIMI mediator. We aim for the Code to be the cornerstone of professional conduct, which will inspire trust in users of mediators and mediation services.

The latest Code (Version 2.0) was published on 10 November 2023.  It was the outcome of an exercise to review the Code (first published on 20 January 2017) spanning a year. It was held in conjunction with SIMI's exercise to establish a competency framework for mediators. This exercise involved consultations with SIMI Mediators and other stakeholders, whose feedback was considered before the latest Code was finalised and circulated under SIMI Practice Circular 1/2023.   

For a copy of the latest Code, please download the document "[Revised 2023] Code of Professional Conduct". 

SIMI Assessment of Professional Conduct

The Assessment sets out the procedure for lodging a complaint with SIMI concerning a potential breach of the SIMI Code by a SIMI Mediator.

Both the Code and Assessment will be reviewed periodically to ensure that they remain relevant and applicable to the needs of the mediation industry.

Please contact us regarding feedback on either document.


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[Revised 2023] Code of Professional Conduct 1/2/2024243.03 KBDownload
[2023] SIMI Practice Circular 1/2023: SIMI Code of Professional Conduct for SIMI Mediators (Version 2.0) 1/2/2024154.70 KBDownload
SIMI Assessment of Professional Conductpdf1/2/202431.59 KBDownload
[2017] SIMI Code of Professional Conductpdf1/2/202444.92 KBDownload