SIMI Qualifying Assessment Program (SIMI QAP)

Here you will find the Benefits of SIMI QAP, SIMI QAP Application Process, SIMI QAP Fees and the List of SIMI Qualifying Assessment Programs

If you wish to become a SIMI Mediator of any tier, do approach one of the SIMI QAPs for information on how you can do so through one of their services. Note that only SIMI QAPs are able to assess and submit an individual's name to become a SIMI Certified Mediator

A SIMI Partner who has SIMI QAP status, is also a SIMI Registered Service Provider (SIMI RSP) and runs at least one SIMI Registered Training Program (SIMI RTP).



Benefits Of SIMI QAP

  • Only SIMI Partner able to assess and submit an individual's name to become a SIMI Certified Mediator. 
  • Able to submit names for any tier under the SIMI Credentialing Scheme. Note that a SIMI QAP will still need to submit their courses for review to attain SIMI RTP statuses (application fee apply).
  • Listing on the SIMI website;
  • Use of the SIMI QAP logo;
  • Highly customised, detailed and independent audit report prepared by SIMI to capture the elements of SIMI QAP's professional assessment, training course (SIMI RTP) and mediation service (SIMI RSP) information;
  • SIMI QAPs will only pay SIMI QAP annual fees and do not need to pay SIMI RTP annual fees;
  • Early access and notification to events and seminars organised by SIMI; 
  • Updates from SIMI on best practices relating to mediation training; and
  • Assessment priority and discounted rate when applying for their courses to attain SIMI RTP statuses.

SIMI QAP Application Process

  1. Download the application form here.
  2. Send the completed application form to admin@
  3. The entire review process for each application may take 6 to 8 weeks and results will be notified by email.
  4. Successful applicants will have to ensure that they pay the applicable fees punctually, and also adhere to the renewal requirements.

1 To email us, please remove the empty space after @.



SIMI charges administrative fees for processing submissions under the SIMI Partner Scheme. As always, all fees received by SIMI will go towards supporting SIMI's mission in maintaining high standards of professional mediation in Singapore and the region, raising awareness among users and other stakeholders in the mediation space, as well as promoting education and research initiatives in mediation academia.

The following fees are applicable from 1 January 2015 onwards. SIMI regularly reviews its fees to ensure that they are aligned with the scope of entitlements and privileges under each scheme, as well as the cost of funding SIMI's various operations and activities.

  1. Administrative fee of SGD 1200 per application.
  2. Annual fee of SGD 4000.


PracticeForte Private Limited


70 Shenton Way
Shenton Way
Singapore 079118

Tel: +65 6221 3009

PracticeForte Pte Ltd (PF) was established in 2016 in Singapore, to band a niche group of professional advisory firms under the brand name of PracticeForte Advisory. From the areas of law, accounting, forensics, business advisory, psychology, therapy and counselling, our professionals collaborate to offer up a panel of experts steeped in specialised knowledge and primed for multifaceted conflict resolution. PF constantly aims to channel our efforts in the furtherance of our twin-pillar focus of “Building Peace, Building Expertise”. PF Mediate is one such endeavour. With a panel of mediators and mediation advocates spanning jurisdictions, our mediators and mediation advocates have wide experiences and specialised skills in tackling complex disputes.


In the building of peace, PF Mediate differentiates with a process that teams mediators and mediation advocates with both domain knowledge and conflict coaching. It is designed to engage and guide parties toward a resolution that is enduring by fulfilling underlying interests. We move broken relationships closer to pathways of repair and heal. Our efforts to prepare mediating parties have resulted in an over 90% success rate.


In the building of expertise, we train mediators and mediation advocates cross-borders and equip them with practical skills and experience possible only from specialist trainers. We actively seek out trainers who are top in their field and widely regarded as some of the best in the world. In turn, our trainees mediate with us and become the country-connect for PracticeForte’s worldwide network of mediators and mediation advocates. 

*PracticeForte Private Limited is also recognised as a SIMI Registered Training Provider (SIMI RTP) and SIMI Registered Service Provider (SIMI RSP).


Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre Ltd (FIDReC)


City House
36 Robinson Rd, #15-01
Singapore 068877

Tel: +65 6225 1059

The Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre Ltd (FIDReC) is an independent and impartial alternative dispute resolution institution. FIDReC resolves consumer financial disputes through mediation and adjudication. It is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.

At present, FIDReC's services are available to consumers, who are individuals or sole-proprietors, for claims against financial institutions. Financial institutions include banks, finance companies, life insurers, general insurers, capital markets services licensees, licensed financial advisers and insurance brokers.

When a consumer cannot resolve a dispute with their financial institution on their own, they can come to FIDReC for help instead of going to court. They must do so within 6 months from receiving a final reply letter from their financial institution.

FIDReC's process is accessible and affordable. No external lawyers are allowed and most disputes are completed within 6 months.

*Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre is also recognised as a SIMI Registered Training Provider (SIMI RTP) and SIMI Registered Service Provider (SIMI RSP).

Singapore International Mediation Centre (SIMC)


28 Maxwell Road,
#03-11 Maxwell Chambers Suites,
Singapore 069120

Tel: +65 6635 2460

At SIMC, we work across multiple jurisdictions covering both common and civil law traditions. Our international mediators have extensive experience resolving cross-border disputes and are highly regarded for delivering successful outcomes in complex, high-stakes commercial disputes.

Our mediators are excellent communicators and highly-skilled in a variety of negotiation techniques to regulate the dynamics of the conversation. They help provide a sense of objectivity and assist parties to arrive at a common consensus.

*Singapore International Mediation Centre is also recognised as a SIMI Registered Training Provider (SIMI RTP) and SIMI Registered Service Provider (SIMI RSP).

International Institute of Mediators (Singapore) Limited (iiM)*


1 North Bridge Road Level 30
High Street Centre
Singapore 179094

Tel: +65 9825 1403


The International Institute of Mediators (Singapore) Limited (iiM in short) was established to develop and promote the mediation profession. As an inclusive organisation, iiM hopes to encourage anyone who is interested in mediation to network with each other to build a harmonious global environment.

Its Vision is to develop the mediation profession for the global environment, and its Mission is to foster a harmonious global environment through mediation and development of the mediation profession through education, training and best practices.

The Institute welcomes any person who is interested in mediation to join as a member. The main categories of membership include Life Member, Ordinary Member, Associate and Corporate Member.

*iiM is also recognised as a SIMI Registered Service Provider (SIMI RSP) and SIMI Registered Training Programs (SIMI RTPs).

Singapore Construction Mediation Centre Pte Ltd (SCMC)*

Construction House
1 Bukit Merah Lane 2
Singapore 159760

Tel: +65 6278 9577

The Singapore Construction Mediation Centre Pte Ltd (SCMC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Singapore Contractors Association Limited (SCAL). Its objective is to encourage mediation as the preferred dispute resolution process in the settlement of construction disputes.

SCMC provides SCAL members an independent, unbiased, effective and cost-efficient mediation service where amicable and early settlement of disputes will eliminate lengthy and costly court proceedings.

SCMC also offers Mediation Skills Assessment and two mediators training courses: Dispute Resolution Mediation course for Professionals (Module 1) and Dispute Resolution Mediation course for Professionals (Module 2). These are conducted through SCAL academy, another wholly owned subsidiary of SCAL. For more information about the courses and Mediation Skills Assessment, please visit SCAL Academy’s website here.

*SCMC is also recognised as a SIMI Registered Service Provider (SIMI RSP) and SIMI Registered Training Programs (SIMI RTPs).

SAGE Mediation*

600 North Bridge Rd, #10-01 Parkview Square,
Singapore 188778

Tel: +65 8861 5155

Sage is a 21st century mediation consulting firm specialising in helping organisations and individuals to overcome complex conflicts.

Led by Mr Aloysius Goh, an International Mediator and former CEO of the Singapore International Mediation Centre (SIMC), Sage works with clients to generate creative and sustainable solutions. Settlement Agreements achieved through Sage Mediators may be converted under the Singapore Mediation Act into a consent court order. 

Sage offers clients a specially curated panel of distinguished international advisors from various disciplines. The wide pool of talent is designed to assure clients of outcomes that are practical and meaningful. 

Sage is invested in each and every client and takes pride not only in solving their conflicts but also in equipping them with the confidence and ability to resist costly adversarial approaches for resolving future conflicts. It aspires to spread the satisfaction of knowing that one has contributed to a legacy of peace for themselves and their communities.

*SAGE Mediation is also recognised as a SIMI Registered Service Provider (SIMI RSP) and runs SIMI Registered Training Programs (SIMI RTPs).


ADR ODR International*

Hardwicke Building, Old Square,
Lincoln's Inn, London WC2A 3SB

Tel: +44 (020) 3 488 1979

ADR ODR International was created in 2016 by a Barrister turned mediator, Rahim Shamji, who was moved and inspired by the true potential of mediation after advanced studies in alternative dispute resolution. They are a thought leader in progressive dispute resolution and training from international conflict management to mediation, negotiation and arbitration, with a global presence in 24 countries and over 100 dispute resolution professionals on their panel.

ADR ODR International provides a variety of services, from helping clients find the right mediator, negotiator and arbitrator, to innovative training courses such as online training and e-learning platforms. The company has trained both students and professionals in a range of sectors and countries from civil/commercial mediation in UK universities to executive negotiation courses in Dubai. 

The company’s core ethos lies in social responsibility and its mission is to help reduce conflict on a global scale. They believe the best way to do this is by creating positive and progressive dialogue, and their Dialogue and Pluralism department focuses on global projects that bring people of different races, ethnicities, and religions together to discuss their differences and discover their similarities. 

*ADR ODR International is also recognised as a SIMI Registered Service Provider (SIMI RSP) and runs SIMI Registered Training Programs (SIMI RTPs).


Community Mediation Centre (CMC)*

45 Maxwell Road,
#07-11, The URA Centre (East Wing),
Singapore 069118

Tel: 1800-CALL-LAW (1800-2255-529)

The Community Mediation Centre provides mediation in Singapore for residents who face issues with their neighbours, family members, friends, co-workers, landlord or tenants, or any other kind of interpersonal relations.

The CMC opened its doors to the Singapore public in January 1998, with the first centre, CMC (Regional East), located at the Marine Parade District Hall. Previously, the CMCs were located in three different locations – CMC (Central), CMC (Regional North) and CMC (State Courts).

Their mission is to provide an attractive, practical and convenient solution for social and community disputes in Singapore. 

*CMC is also recognised as a SIMI Registered Service Provider (SIMI RSP) and runs SIMI Registered Training Programs (SIMI RTPs).


Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC)*

1 Supreme Court Lane, Level 4,
Singapore 178879

Tel: +65 6332 4366

Since 1997, The Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) has set the standard for excellence in mediation services both in Singapore and in the region. They have a proven track record in delivering successful results and training the best professional mediators. 

*SMC is also recognised as a SIMI Registered Service Provider (SIMI RSP) and runs SIMI Registered Training Programs (SIMI RTPs).