About IMSG

In 2019, the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) organised the International Mediation Singapore (also affectionately known as ‘IMSG’ to the first organising committee). It is the first ever international moot organised in Singapore that focuses on mediation advocacy and mediation.

The inaugural competition sought to commemorate the signing of the Singapore Convention on Mediation (formally the United Nations Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation), as well as to bring together the best teams from around the world to celebrate a shared passion for mediation. The countries represented at the inaugural competition included Bangladesh, Brazil, China, France, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, Norway, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, United States of America, and Vietnam.

Since then, the competition has become truly international; (i) tertiary students from around the world compete as mediation advocates and mediators, and (ii) the competition’s judges are drawn from professional mediators on SIMI’s international panel.

Run by an experienced team of mediation professionals and former competitors, IMSG was designed from the ground up to take the bar higher in the international mediation competition circuit. Driven by the “IMSG Ranking System”, teams can expect an immersive experience that truly challenges their skills from start to finish – with no eliminations, dynamic live power pairings and a top tier finish guaranteed for every team.

IMSG 2020 has ended. For the next edition of IMSG, do follow us on our social media pages for the latest information - we can be found on all social media platforms with the handle @theSIMIchat.

Check out the competition results here.