Mr. Sriram Panchu

Mr. Sriram Panchu

c/o 32 Maxwell Road #02-07
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Mediation Location(s)
  • India
Mediation Language(s)
  • English
Intercultural Experience
Mr Panchu has broad experience in mediating disputes between parties of different cultures and nationalities. He mediated the Standard Motors case which recorded one of the highest settlements in court-annexed mediations. In the private mediation field, he has handled disputes involving major enterprises.

Recently, he was appointed by the Supreme Court of India to mediate a 50- year-old boundary dispute between the States of Assam and Nagaland in Northeast India. The Court has also appointed him to mediate a dispute involving the Parsi Punchayat in Bombay. 

Apart from his conventional law practice and mediation, he has done a number of public interest cases in the fields of good governance, curbing corruption, environmental protection and consumer rights. 
Current Position and Background
1973: Bachelors in Economics from Elphinstone College, Bombay
1976: Bachelors in Law from the Government Law College, Bombay
1976: Called to the Bar at the Madras High Court
1996: Designated Senior Advocate
2001: Founded the Indian Centre for Mediation and Dispute Resolution
2005: First honorary Organising Secretary of the Madras High Court Mediation and Conciliation
Centre, the first in India
2009: Member, Board of Mediation, Madras High Court
2012: Founder and Vice-President, Association of Indian Mediators
2013-14: Advisory Panel on Mediation, Law Commission of India

Mediation Practice Area(s)
  • Commercial, general
  • Government/Regulatory
  • Business To Community
  • Construction
  • Employment
  • Environmental
  • Financial Services
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Commercial
  • Investor-State Disputes
  • Real Estate/Property
  • Telecommunications
Main Mediation Practice Area Description
Mediating disputes from early 90s covering a wide range of civil and commercial mediations
including high stake disputes.

Also appointed as a mediator for public disputes: Supreme Court appointment in the AssamNagaland
Border dispute and a dispute involving performance of religious ceremonies in Parsi
Mediation Style(s)
  • Evaluative
  • Facilitative
Mediation Style Description
Facilitative, going on to evaluative when necessary. Mr Panchu works with parties intensively, focusing them on their interests, legal strengths and weaknesses, and alternatives to settlement as well as engaging with them in devising and refining options for settlement. 

Code of Professional Conduct
SIMC Code of Conduct
Complaint Process
Feedback Digest
Latest Update 27 December 2015
This Feedback Digest is based on 11 pieces of feedback from 11 mediations collected on 24 December 2015. Mr Sriram Panchu consistently received the highest ratings of satisfaction for his management of the mediation process and his skills as a mediator based on the feedback received. It was frequently observed that Sriram had good control of proceedings, built good rapport with the parties and was sensitive to cultural differences. One party commented that in one mediation involving a dispute between partners of a firm, Sriram “grasped the crux of the matter at a very early stage and tried to steer the matter accordingly”. Sriram “also realized the best way of ensuring results would be to involve two other parties as well which was how ultimately the result was arrived at”. When parties are emotional and tempers are fraying, it has also been observed in a couple of instances that Sriram is able to intervene firmly to maintain decorum and control. As a Senior Advocate in India, Sriram is well-respected and regarded for his knowledge of the law and parties appreciate his ability to deal with substantive legal issues as well as suggest possible options and solutions for their problems. In one case, a lawyer commented that “[w]ith his thorough knowledge on the subject of Hindu law he was in a position to convince the parties that the litigation would ultimately end up in a particular way of partitioning the properties among the sharers and so he suggested to the parties to go for settlement. Given his knowledge and experience the parties were also convinced to go for settlement and partition their joint family properties as per the suggestions given by him.” Another lawyer observed that “[w]ith his stature and standing at the bar he is in a position to suggest various possible options available to the parties in the given set of facts and the parties also accept the settlement proposal suggested by him with a satisfaction that they have got the best possible relief.”  In another case, the feedback stated that Sriram “made all attempts at resolving the dispute. His sound knowledge of the law and his pragmatic approach to the issue helped in resolution of the dispute.” However, that is not to say that Sriram imposes his view on the parties – it is clear from the feedback that Sriram is also careful to make sure that the parties have an opportunity be heard and to participate in the process. Sriram has been described as “extremely patient and understanding”, creating an environment of “trust and impartiality”. He takes the effort to ensure the parties understand and consider their options for different issues – both the legal repercussions as well as commercial consequences. All who provided feedback on Sriram’s services as a mediator would recommend him to others and use him as a mediator again. No negative feedback was received.
Professional Affiliation
Former Editor, Mediation Journal of International Bar Association
Former Member, Advisory Panel, Asian Journal of Mediation
Member, Supreme Court of India Bar Association
Member, Madras High Court Bar Association
Member, International Bar Association
Member, Commonwealth Lawyer’s Association
Mediation Education and Training
1991: Fellow of the Salzburg Seminar (Session 291) – first training in mediation
1996: Attended training course in mediation conducted by ICADR and Pepperdine University, USA
2000-01: Researched on mediation in the US while teaching at New York University’s School of Law 
Mediation Teaching and Mentoring
2005: Devised curriculum and teaching manuals for mediator training in India
2005: Devised organizational charters and model procedures to be followed in High Court
Mediation Centres in India
2005-onwards: Trained several batches of mediators at the Supreme Court of India, Madras High
Court, Delhi High Court, Allahabad High Court and other courts in India; Conducted advanced
mediator training courses at these Centres; Trained over 500 mediators in India
2005 onwards: Conducted awareness programmes for judges
2010: Formulated the course curriculum on “Alternative Dispute Resolution and Access to Justice”
for the Institute of Human Settlements, India, in association with Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, USA
Lectured at law schools and several educational institutions

Mediation Publications
Mediation Practice and Law - The Path to Successful Dispute Resolution, LexisNexis
Butterworths Wadhwa (2011).
Settle For More - the how, why and when of Mediation, East West Books (Madras) Pvt. Ltd.

Chapters in Books:
India Chapter in Getting the Deal Through – Mediation 2013, (published in October
2012; contributing editor: Renate Dendorfer-Ditges of Heussen Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft
Contributed Chapter on Mediation for Halsbury’s Laws of India (to be published)