Awardee for 2021

We are proud to share that the awardee for the inaugural National SMU-SIMI CDR Award 2021 is:

Learn more about the recipient from a short interview below:

"It’s the journey, the people that you meet along the way, that matters” – I grew to appreciate this lesson over the course of my four undergraduate years. I have had the privilege to attend, coach for, facilitate and organize multiple negotiation and mediation competitions. I participated in the International Commercial Mediation Competition in Melbourne and Paris and helped organize the annual Peacemakers Conference and International Mediation Singapore Competition in 2019 and 2020. It has been an immensely humbling journey. I feel blessed to be given many opportunities to meet people from different cultures and learn more about different negotiating techniques and styles. The realm of alternative dispute resolution is huge, ever-growing, and ever-changing.

It’s such an honour to receive the CDR Award this year. For me, my experiences began in law school. As my career begins in the public sector, I hope to continue contributing back to the community, by practicing and coaching others in the art of negotiation and mediation. There is still so much to do, in terms of spreading awareness, changing mindsets, and creating a culture..

Ms Isabella Tan, September 2021