SIMI Registered Training Program (SIMI RTP)

Here you will find the Benefits of SIMI RTP, SIMI RTP Application Process, SIMI RTP Fees and the List of SIMI Registered Training Programs

If you wish to become SIMI Accredited Mediator Level 1, do approach any of our SIMI Partners running SIMI RTPs for details about how to sign-up for their respective courses.



Benefits of SIMI RTP

  • Able to train and assess individuals for the purposes of becoming SIMI Accredited Mediator Level 1;
  • Listing on the SIMI website;
  • Use of the SIMI RTP logo;
  • Highly customised, detailed and independent audit report prepared by SIMI to capture the SIMI RTP's essential course information;
  • Regular servicing by SIMI to ensure future iterations of the SIMI RTP remain consistent and relevant;
  • Early access and notification to events and seminars organised by SIMI;
  • Updates from SIMI on best practices relating to mediation training; and
  • Assessment priority and discounted rate when applying to be a SIMI RSP or SIMI QAP.

SIMI RTP Application Process

  1. Download the application form here.
  2. Send the completed application form to admin@
  3. The entire review process for each application may take 6 to 8 weeks and results will be notified by email.
  4. Successful applicants will have to ensure that they pay the one-off applicable fees punctually, and also adhere to the renewal requirements.

1 To email us, please remove the empty space after @.


SIMI charges administrative fees for processing submissions under the SIMI Partner Scheme. As always, all fees received by SIMI will go towards supporting SIMI's mission in maintaining high standards of professional mediation in Singapore and the region, raising awareness among users and other stakeholders in the mediation space, as well as promoting education and research initiatives in mediation academia.

The following fees are applicable from 1 January 2015 onwards. SIMI regularly reviews its fees to ensure that they are aligned with the scope of entitlements and privileges under each scheme, as well as the cost of funding SIMI's various operations and activities.

  1. Administrative fee of SGD 750 per application.
  2. Annual fee of SGD 2000.


List of SIMI Registered Training Programs (SIMI RTPs)


Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC)*

1 Supreme Court Lane, Level 4,
Singapore 178879

Tel: +65 6332 4366

Strategic Conflict Management for Professionals Workshop & Mediation Skills Assessment

For more information about the SMC's SCMP Workshop & MSA, please visit their website here.

Since 1997, The Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) has set the standard for excellence in mediation services both in Singapore and in the region. They have a proven track record in delivering successful results and training the best professional mediators.

*The Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) is also recognised as a SIMI Registered Service Provider (SIMI RSP) & SIMI Qualifying Assessment Program (SIMI QAP).


Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)


10 Anson Road
International Plaza #27-16
Singapore 079903

Tel: +65 6182 8188

RICS ACRE Mediation Course*
Analytical Commercial Restorative Expert: robust mediation for the land, property and construction sectors.

For more information about the RICS ACRE Mediation Courses, please visit their website here.
*Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) runs this training course across the globe in cities such as Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Australia, Qatar etc.


RICS promotes and enforces the highest professional qualifications and standards in the development and management of land, real estate, construction and infrastructure. The RICS name promises the consistent delivery of standards – bringing confidence to the markets RICS serves.

The RICS accredits 125,000 professionals and any individual or firm registered with RICS is subject to the RICS quality assurance. Their expertise covers property, asset valuation, and real estate management; the development of infrastructure; and the management of natural resources, such as mining, agriculture and plantations. From environmental assessments and building controls to negotiating land rights in an emerging economy; if RICS professionals are involved the same standards and ethics apply.



Regent's University London (RUL)


Inner Circle, Regent's Park,
London, NW1 4NS


Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Course*

For more information about the RUL's ADR course, please visit their website here.
*Regent's University London (RUL) runs this training course in Singapore through a partnership with Harmony Mediation Group (HMG). Find out more here.


An academic member of the Civil Mediation Council (CMC), Regent’s School of Psychotherapy & Psychology (RSPP) is at the forefront of developing, promoting and researching mediation, both in the UK and internationally. The RUL innovative Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) programme is specifically designed to develop the particular skills and methods required for successful mediation and conflict management, including conflict avoidance and conflict resolution.

The skills for effective mediation are similar to those required for successful counselling. The course therefore employs well-proven psychotherapy and counselling techniques as part of the training programme.

This unique psychotherapeutic approach to mediation explores the strategies and behaviour patterns that parties employ when in dispute with others, whether they are executive directors of international corporations involved in multi-million pound commercial litigation, Heads of State involved in political disagreements, or simply suburban neighbours arguing over their boundaries.