Singapore International Mediation Workshop (SIMW) 2018

SIMI is proud to share that the Singapore International Mediation Workshop (SIMW) 2018, Mediation Advocacy Edition, has successfully concluded this September at the NUS Faculty of Law. 

This year's SIMW is the first ever edition featuring a basic introduction to mediation skills and mediation advocacy (that means attending a mediation as a counsel!) to students from both Singapore and overseas. Over 20 visiting law students from Kobe University, Japan, embarked on this exciting learning journey alongside local law students.

Participants benefited from exciting role-plays, engaging seminars and tours to the Supreme Court, Singapore Mediation Centre and Maxwell Chambers. They also got an invaluable opportunity to observe professional SIMI Mediators facilitating the mediation process while they played the role of counsels and received feedback from experienced facilitators.

"What makes preparing clients for a mediation so different from litigation?

Is there a structured way I can prepare for a mediation?

How different are foreign law students’ approach to a mediation?”



SIMW 2018